Value-based care

Value-Based Care Analytics to drive efficiency, improve clinical outcomes, and lower costs

Integrate disparate data sources and derive actionable insights for better patient care.

Scalable Health assists stakeholders in optimizing value-based healthcare.


Utilizing precise data and advanced analytics supports the creation of data-centric choices that improve both clinical and financial results while enhancing operational efficiency.

Actionable insights

Identify high-risk members

Risk Identification

Co-ordinated care

Value driven payment

Improve population health

Better health outcomes

Faster claims reimbursement

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Leverage our capabilities to manage large and diverse data sets to derive actionable insights that reduce costs, improve quality of care and identify at-risk populations.

Analytics Modernization

Implementing modernization offers rapid and precise insights and democratizes your data allowing stakeholders to make intelligent business decisions.

Data Integration

Integrate, improve, and let your data do the talking to improve clinical outcomes, operational efficiency, and better member experience.

Data Management

Leverage data management to derive analytics and near real-time insights for cost-effective and timely patient care


Our AI-powered platform integrates diverse data sources across the healthcare ecosystem, offering accelerated insights to enhance the adoption of value-based care.


Improved outcomes, better engagement, and affordable care

Value based care continuum with personalized population health


Improve performance on risk-based contracts

Better care efficiency

Reduced costs with effective work force

Improved engagement

Better patient experience with real time care

Reduce readmission rate

Unified data & intelligence platform

Integrate all types of data

Unified data & intelligence platform

Faster & accurate decision making

Why Scalable Health?

Easy adaptability of the platform by end-users

Certified and experienced talent pool

Built on next generation technologies & standards

Prebuilt Assets & Accelerators

SaaS based cloud platform

Integrated data intelligence platform

Clinicians and Care Management teams

HIPAA compliant delivery models

Explore patient and operations data

Technology Alliances

Flexible working models based on needs

Data & Analytics solutions and services


Seamlessly integrating advanced data-driven insights and AI capabilities to optimize healthcare operations and enhance decision-making

RCM Intelligence

AI-powered analytics platform for enhanced visibility into revenue cycle

Data Integration

Seamlessly connecting and harmonizing healthcare data from diverse sources.

Healthcare Analytics

Gain actionable insights for improved patient care and operational efficiency.

Healthcare Intelligence

Empowering healthcare decision-makers with data-driven knowledge and strategic insights.