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An AI-driven platform that combines possible data sources to deliver actionable insights to improve health outcomes, increase operational efficiencies and reduce overall costs across the health ecosystem for payers, providers, and pharma organizations.

IntelliHeal Platform

Intelligence for Providers, Payers and Pharma

IntelliHeal Platform


Allows organizations to integrate and analyze large quantities of information. Plug and play pre-built integration modules with healthcare industry products.

HIPAA, FHIR and CMS compliant unified data model with maturity over the years across the healthcare ecosystem, including providers, payers, life sciences and public health.

Integrates Clinical, Financial and Patient data to improve patient outcomes while reducing overall cost across healthcare provider's ecosystem.

Covers payers' processes around Risk stratification, Case/Care management, Member experience and Processes optimization.

Covers pharmaceutical processes insights with Real world evidence, Clinical trial optimization, Sales force effectiveness and Closed loop marketing.

Services cover Data integration, Data analytics, Business consulting and Digital transformation that help the organizations innovate and optimize in the new healthcare paradigm.


Value based care continuum

Value based care continuum with personalized population health

Improve performance on risk-based contracts

Improve performance on risk-based contracts

Reduced costs across healthcare ecosystem

Optimized operations & Reduced costs across healthcare ecosystem

Proactive and preventive care

Proactive and preventive care integrated with self management tools

unified data & intelligence platform

Better regulatory compliance with unified data & intelligence platform

Why IntelliHeal?

easy adaptability of the platform by end users

Ease of use; easy adaptability of the platform by end users

better interoperability and compliance

Built on next generation technologies & standards for better interoperability and compliance

SaaS based cloud platform

SaaS based cloud platform with easy pick and use functionality and flexible subscription models

AI-driven for intuitive and intelligent insights

AI-driven for intuitive and intelligent insights for Payers, Providers and Pharma companies

clinical and operations data

Customized insights to easily visualize, analyze and explore patient, clinical and operations data

Flexible working models

Flexible working models based on requirements - Customization, Collaborative, Consulting

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