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Agile methodology, Frameworks, Pre-built Assets and Services of our certified and experienced talent pool to develop data and analytics solutions to match customers' business reporting & analytics needs wherever they are in the healthcare digital lifecycle.

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Helps enterprises gain competitive advantage with the application of AI / ML for valuable insights

A combination of science, technology, and medicine in the dynamic digital age has unveiled new data systems to improve care workflows, improve outcomes and reduce costs. Analytical methods learn from historical data and make accurate predictions of results. Process patient data, make sense of clinical notes, find interactions, symptomatic associations, general adjectives, habits, diseases, and make predictions. Improve the quality of life of patients and the quality of medical conditions. Improve drug discovery with collection and use of a wide variety of historical information during the drug manufacturing process. Using this data, unsupervised learning, and technology as the next generation sequence, enables scientists to create models that predict the outcome from independent variations.

Key services :
  • AI Strategy & Roadmap
  • Machine Learning
  • Bespoke Algorithms Development
  • Data Science
  • Predictive Analytics
  • AI Implementation
Lower costs, improve outcomes, and boost efficiencies with Automation

Robotic Process Automation is rapidly changing the face of businesses by shifting our ways to carry out processes and functions from manual to optimal automated methods. We help our customers make the most of their efforts and investment through our RPA consultancy, customized solutions, and post-implementation support services.

Intelligent automation can help healthcare organizations gain insights into processes, streamline operations, and become nimbler and more efficient in the competitive healthcare environment. Scalable Health has automated numerous use cases across Health ecosystem verticals and is a chosen partner for RPA services that help organizations deliver key value-adds like a Significant Reduction in Efforts, Optimized Costs and Faster Time to Market.

Key services :
  • RPA Consulting
  • Automation Design
  • RPA Implementation
  • Bespoke Bot Development
  • Bot Testing
  • Automation Support
  • Automation Optimization

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Certified Workforce

Certified and highly experienced Healthcare, Analytics and AI professionals

Price, Experience & Availability

Ready availability of experienced professionals at competitive prices

Technology Alliances Certified Partner

Certified partner of most data and analytics technologies companies

Platform, Prebuilt Assets & Accelerators

Jump start Market acquisition and save Time to Market with Platform & Pre-Built Assets

Global Ecosystem

Onshore, Offshore, Nearshore, & Cloud shore services

Execution Excellence

Best practices with lean processes to deliver Cost efficiency, Timeliness and Predictability


Seamlessly integrating advanced data-driven insights and AI capabilities to optimize healthcare operations and enhance decision-making

RCM Intelligence

AI-powered analytics platform for enhanced visibility into revenue cycle

Value-Based Care

Data analytics is a pivotal tool in ensuring that RCM supports & enhances value-based care objectives.

Data Integration

Seamlessly connecting and harmonizing healthcare data from diverse sources.

Healthcare Analytics

Gain actionable insights for improved patient care and operational efficiency.