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IntelliPharma offers actionable insights to pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech companies, helping them become more agile and innovative across the value chain.

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The platform enables these companies to make faster clinical decisions, improve predictability, and provide in-time information to unlock insights for more efficient and cost-effective drug discovery and development.

Commercial effectiveness provides

Commercial effectiveness provides an unprecedented opportunity to leverage data assets from new sources.

Clinical solutions enable

Clinical solutions enable companies make faster clinical decisions, improve predictability, provide in-time information with higher value.

Genome sequencing needs

Genome sequencing needs developing better statistical models for understanding the cause of disease and identify candidates for new drug trials.

Drug discovery helps

Drug discovery helps bio-researchers discover potential areas for accelerating discovery by cost effectively identifying target molecules.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain can help life sciences tune up their supply chain for the future, enabling them to handle inventory management better.

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Scalable Health is committed to helping life sciences companies improve health outcomes faster than ever. With our focus on delivering tomorrow's technology, life sciences companies can partner with us for innovative solutions that help solve current healthcare challenges and enhance the quality of life.

Commercial effectiveness

IntelliPharma helps pharmaceutical companies optimize Time, Resources, Budgets and Brand Expertise. Our solution can help allocate and employ marketing resources to optimize spends and achieve faster time-to-market

Clinical Trials

IntelliPharma, can deliver significant time and cost efficiencies to your organization by helping you throughout the different stages of clinical trials for your pharmaceutical products, from pre- clinical studies phase until the post-marketing surveillance phase.