Intelligence for Payers

Enables payers to manage their claims, eliminate fraudulent claims, acquire new members, and retain existing members in a competitive marketplace. IntelliPayer will help you achieve financial and operational excellence.

Risk Stratification

Assigns risk status based on data reflecting vital health indicators, history, lifestyle, socio-economic and claims parameters. Offers insights to levels of care required by a patient/population based on risk. Proactively identify patients most likely to benefit from care protocols.

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Case/Care Management

Improve care coordination, reduce hospital visits, and boost patient engagement. Case management is a collaborative process workflow that plans, implements, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the options and services to match the patient health and human service needs.

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Member Experience

Comprehensive solution from member onboarding to self-service to delivering personalized care recommendations, payers can provide an elevated and personalized experience to engage members across all healthcare journeys considering traditional and digital channels.

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Claims Optimization

We help customers take better decisions with our intelligent automation and AI processes framework covering Claims administration, Process automation & optimization, Fraud, waste, and abuse management etc. We have built our solutions and platform to stay ahead of rapid change and save time for our customers.

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