Intelligence for Providers

Data driven insights to improve patient's health while reducing costs across the entire health systems. Scalable Health delivers analytical solutions that enable better decision-making at every point along the continuum of care.

Population Health

Achieve better health outcome measures, improve patient experience by proactive & preventive care, reduce costs and achieve obligatory compliance & reporting with our solution - easy to use and customizable platform for physicians and care management teams.

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Connected Health

Anytime anywhere patient care through connected health framework. Covers Real-Time Care with Connected medical devices, Data interoperability, Command center integration, Alerts & notifications as per defined rules. Help predict better health outcomes for patients with accurate and critical medical insights and diagnoses.

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Patient Experience

Monitor and improve the patient experience by proactive and preventive care through a digital patient engagement framework. Covers Single view of the patient, Patient engagement, Self-management toolkit, Digital Engagement Framework, Patient mobile apps, and portals.

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Cost Optimization

Organization process optimization through processes implementation, insights, and improvements. Includes Revenue cycle optimization, Work force optimization, Operations management, Productivity improvements and Supply chain management

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